"ANYONE can go it alone. . . but the SMART ones employ every EXPERT they can. . .LEARN as much as they can . . . and SHARE it all with gusto!" --Kate


 As a client, you have privileged access to a private client area within my website that provides you with the tools, forms, documents and resources to support you in your coaching success. 

In this secured, confidential site, you will be able to:

  • Access my calendar to view, schedule or reschedule appointments
  • Record and check progress on your goals
  • Prepare for each coaching session
  • Evaluate your coaching experience
  • Review the terms in the coaching agreement
  • Monitor payments
  • Access Resources (books, programs, other services, etc)



1. Click "Login" to enter your username and password.


2. Click on the "Forms" Menu to access and complete the Welcome Packet Forms: Client Profile, Discovery and Goals.


3. Click on the "Agreement" Menu and review our coaching agreement. Please print this for your records.


4. Click "Calendar" to schedule your appointments within the designated block of "Available" time according to the terms of our coaching agreement.


5. Payments can be made online through my secured payment processing option.


  • Access to the Call Strategy Form – the day before each coaching appointment, you will receive an email reminder.  At the bottom of this reminder will be a link for you to access and complete the call strategy form.  
    • Benefit:  maximize the effectiveness of our time together.
  • Access to the Calendar – at any time you can review the calendar for upcoming appointments, and/or reschedule appointments.  I’ll be notified immediately if any changes are made to existing appointments, so help yourself if you need to change any appointment information.  
    • Benefit:  no email tag/phone tag to move appointment dates/times.
  • Update Forms – at anytime during our coaching process you can update your information on any of the forms within the system.  
    • Benefit – I, as your coach, will always have the latest information to fully support you in achieving your goals.